A quote...and a way of life...

November 12, 2014

"Fashion is the present, novelty and curiosity, but at the same time, it is knowing the past. For those who have the skill, it means even being able to see what tomorrow will be.  I love to stand out from the crowd when I dress.  I always look for something that is beautiful, precious and even difficult to wear as long as it is unique.  I have the gift, or talent, of being able to wear the original and the impossible."  Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini

An avid collector of fashion, Cecila Matteucci Lavarini has donated over 300 pieces to Galleria del Costume of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The quote above was next to an exhibition of her pieces as part of the "Donne protagoniste del 900" show at Palazzo Pitti. (Translated Female Protagonists of the 20th Century.)

Yes, you stand out in a crowd.  How fabulous!  

Photo: Cecilia at Beauty in Vogue Night, Archiginnasio di Bologna. via zimbio.com

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