flea market finds

August 15, 2013

The Alameda Flea Market happens the first Sunday of every month.  It is always a place I love and hate at the same time. When in the midst of the 800+ booths I am often on sensory overload. Add that to the fact I have million projects already waiting for me, I often pass on items I later regret.  Or I can spring for a "buy" that I later regret.  50/50 chance I'll go either way.  In July, I went for the sole purpose of looking for inspiration for next year's Spring collection and notions; nothing more or less.

Below are buys:

And my regret:  At the moment I am fascinated with vintage lace and why the hell I didn't buy the top for $25 or so is just another indication of frugal fanny showing up at the wrong time.  

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